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ABOUT EDUPODIA.COM is a Smart e-Learning platform  for students and teachers to access Lesson Notes, Scheme of Work, Past Questions and other eResources. digitally democratizes education in Nigeria by leverages on technology to simplify and make e-Learning seamless. Our curriculum based instructional materials makes achieving learning objectives easy and fun for teachers and students.


To access all the Lesson Notes and other contents on which are accessible only to Premium Members, Visit the Registration page or Click on “Register” from the Menu bar at the top left hand side of the website. Scroll through the page and fill the form with the information required. You will be asked to provide your Username, Email address and Password. Ensure you select any of the subscription plan before hitting the “Submit” button.

After registration and making payment for your selected Premium Membership Subscription plan, send your proof of payment, your username and the plan paid for to us either via email: or Whatsapp line: 08075777704 and your account will be activated for the plan paid for.

Account activation depends on how fast we receive your payment. It may take any time between 5 minutes to some hours considering network issues with different banks. Please note that your subscription starts reading from the moment we activate your account and not when payment was made. Also note that we won’t be able to activate your account and you won’t be able to access contents/lesson notes on the site if you have not fully registered, so ensure you fully register and select a plan before proceeding to make payment.

Logging into your account is as simple as ABC… Simply Click on the Login Link on the Menu at the top left corner of the website. To Login, you will be asked to enter your username or email address and your password in the fields provided.


After you subscribe to any of the Premium Membership plan and your account is activated, you can access any lesson on the website. There are several ways to access lesson notes on, but first, you must ensure that you are logged in.

Here are three (3) ways to access lesson notes on EduPodia

(1) From the MENU (at the top right hand side of the website if you are using mobile phone), click on the arrow in front of LESSON NOTES, then from the drop down menu, click on the class and term you want to access lesson notes on. This will load lesson notes for that class and term. scroll through to the one you want to access and click on Continue Reading to load the lesson note.

(2) From the SIDE BAR (the right hand column of the website in desktops or before the footer section in mobile phones), scroll to where you have Lesson Notes/Scheme tags, click on the subject you want to access. This will load the excerpts of the lesson notes/scheme for all classes and all terms, scroll to what you want and click on Continue Reading to load the lesson note.

(3) From the HOME page,  scroll down to where you have SCHEME OF WORK/LESSON NOTES PER CLASS and click on the subject you want to access. This will load the scheme of work. Under the scheme of work, click on the green “Get Access” button to load the lesson notes.

NOTE: To access lesson notes, you MUST be logged in.

Yes please! As soon as your account is activated, your plan becomes active and it will expire once the plan’s timeline elapses.

Some resources on are entirely free of charge but others are not. While scheme of work is available to all users, access to lesson notes is limited to premium members.

Yes please! Lesson notes are hidden for non-premium (Freemium) members. To access lesson notes and all the premium contents, you need to stay logged in.

Once you make payment for premium membership subscription plan, you will be given full access to all the contents and lesson notes available on, till your plan elapses.

No please, you can’t!  The lesson notes are strictly available for premium members to use ONLINE. You cannot copy or download the lesson notes. This is suitable for students who want to read lesson notes on any subject and from any class online on the go or for teachers who still use hand written lesson notes or teachers who do not have access to textbook and instructional materials.

Note: If you are looking for Ms-Word, editable lesson notes, then visit or our online store to download lesson notes. In that case, you don’t need to pay for premium subscription. Each lesson note per subject per term cost N500 and lesson notes per subject per session (1st, 2nd & 3rd term) cost N1,300. Click Here to see our pricing list.

Not at all! You don’t need to pay for subscription if all you want is to download the lesson notes to your device. But you can do both, its a matter of choice. You can choose to download some lesson notes and still pay for premium membership so as to have access to all the lesson notes on the go, and that is all subjects, from JSS1 – SS3. Again, its your choice to make not ours.

Of course you can download all the lesson notes available on To download all the secondary school lesson notes from JSS1 to SS3 (1st, 2nd & 3rd term) for N147,500 N30,000 Click Here. You can also download other bundles, e.g. JSS1 to JSS3 or SS1 to SS3 or JSS1 to SS3 for any given term. Click Here to download other lesson notes bundles. This is suitable for a school administrators or anyone interest in selling lesson notes to others.

Our lesson notes are downloaded in Ms-Word Format.

HOW TO PLACE ORDER: Under the eNote you want to order, click “Order Now“, then scroll down and click on “Proceed to Checkout” to load the order page, enter your payment details and click “Place Order” to finalize your order either using your ATM Card or by Bank transfer.

[To add multiple items to the cart, after adding the first item to cart, before proceeding to checkout, click on “Continue Shopping” to add more item(s) to cart, before clicking “Proceed to Checkout” to finalize your order.]

DOWNLOAD LINK(S): After a successful payment, you will be automatically redirected to the download page (also the download link(s) will be automatically sent to your email address).

CONTACT US: Need help? Contact admin via WhatsApp: 08075777704  or Email:

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