Complete JSS1 Security Education Lesson Note

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This lesson notes cover the following topics for JSS1 First, Second and Third Term Security Education:


Wk 1: Meaning of Security and Education

Wk 2: Importance of security education

Wk 3: Scope of security education

Wk 4: Crimes

Wk 5: Types of Crime

Wk 6: Types of Crime in our society

Wk 7: Causes of crime in the school environment

Wk 8: Effects of crimes at school

Wk 9: Consequences of crimes at school

Wk 10: Crimes and prevention


Wk 1: Security Agents

Wk 2: Duties of Security Agents

Wk 3: Common Crimes

Wk 4: Types of Common Crimes

Wk 5: Characteristics of Criminal

Wk 6: Test: Security Education JSS1 Second Term Mid-Term Assessment

Wk 7: Effects of Crime

Wk 8: Public Order Crimes

Wk 9: Crimes and punishment

Wk 10: Characteristics of criminal behaviour


Wk 1: Relating to security agents in preventing crime in society

Wk 2: Relating to security agents in school in preventing crime

Wk 3: Relating to security agents in school in preventing crime

Wk 4: Test: Security Education JSS1 Third Term Mid-Term Assessment

Wk 5: How to avoid criminal behaviour

Wk 6: How to avoid becoming a criminal

Wk 7: What you can do to avoid crime

Wk 8: Test: Security Education JSS1 Third Term Final Assessment

Wk 9: Revision

Wk 10: Revision


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