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Complete JSS3 Computer Science Lesson Notes and Plans


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These lesson notes/lesson plans cover the following topics for JSS3 First, Second and Third Term Computer Studies:


  1. Graph I
  2. Graph II
  3. Graph (Practical)
  4. Human Issues I
  5. Human Issues II
  6. Computer Virus I
  7. Computer Virus II
  8. Practical (Introduction to Paint)
  9. Paint Environment


1        Revision of First term work

  1. Spreadsheet Packages:

First Period:  (a) Meaning   (b) Examples of spreadsheet package:   (i) Excel    (ii) LOTUS 1,2,3    (iii) Statview etc.

Second Period:        (b) Uses of spreadsheet packages: (i) preparation of daily sales   (ii) Budget

(iii) Examination result, etc.

  1. Spreadsheet packages cont.

First & second

period:         (a) Spreadsheet features and terminologies   (i) Row   (ii) Column    (iii)) Cell

(iv) Worksheet     (v) Chart     (vi) Data range etc.

(b) Loading and exiting spreadsheet packages.

  1. Worksheets

First Period:  (a) Starting Excel worksheet:  i.e. (i) opening a worksheet  (ii) Data entry   (iii) Editing    (iv) saving     (v) Retrieving worksheet

Second Period:        (b) Formatting worksheet, i.e. (text, cell and column, naming, etc)

  1. Worksheets cont.

First period: (c) Excel calculations:  (i) Addition   (ii) Subtraction   (iii) Average   (iv) Counting    (v) Multiplication    (vi) Division, etc

Second:        (d) Printing of worksheets

  1. Practical on excel calculation.
  2. Graphs:

First period:           (a) Creating Graphs. (i) Line graph   (ii) Histograms  (iii) Pie-charts    (iv) Legends, etc.

Second Period:        (b) Editing graphs

  1. Graphs cont.

F & S period: (c) Formatting graphs:  (i) Line graph   (ii) Histograms  (iii) Pie-charts    (iv) Legends

  1. Practical on Excel graphs.


  1. Revision


  1.    Network Systems I
  2.            Network Systems I
  3.    Data collection stages
  4.    Processing method
  5.                  Starting up word processing package II
  6.   Starting up word processing package II

7-8.         Revision

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