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Complete JSS3 CRK Lesson Note

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These lesson notes cover the following topics for JSS2 First Term Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK):



  1. The Promise of The Holy Spirit


  1. The Coming of The Holy Spirit


  1. The Effect of The Holy Spirit on The Early Believers


  1. Fellowshipping in The Early Church


  1. Early Days of The Church


  1. Persecution


  1. The Church in Samaria


  1. The Church in Caeserea


  1. Persecution of The Early Believers (1)


  1. Persecution of The Early Believers (11)


  1. Revision


  1. Examination



[1]   Christian Religious knowledge for JSS. BK 3,by T.N.OQuarcoopome etal.

[2]   Christian Religious knowledge for JSS. BK 1-3 by A.F Bello.

[3]   Christian Religious Knowledge for JSSBK 3, by Adeyinka.et al

[4]   Ilesanmi Christian Religion Studies for JSSBk 3 ByTundeErumol et al

[5]   Revised Standard Version Bible.

[6]Past Questions: Junior WAEC


  1. Revision and correction of first term’s work.
  2. The Ministry of Peter: (a) Peter and Simon the Magician (Sorcerer) (b) Healing miracles of Peter: (i) Raising of Dorcas from Death. Acts 9:32-42.
  3. The Ministry of Peter: (c) Peter Converts Cornelius Acts 11:1-18, (d) Peter defends his action in Cornelius’ house. Acts 11:1-18. (e) The Detention of Peter and his divine release from Herod’s prison and death. Acts 12:1-24
  4. Paul’s Early Life and His Conversion: (a) Paul’s Nativity and Education Acts 22:1-5; 26-38. (b) Paul’s persecution of the early Church. Acts 7:57-58; 8:1-3; (c) Paul’s Conversion Acts 9:1-19.
  5. The Missionary Activities of Paul: (a) Paul’s first Missionary Journey Acts 13 and 14. (b) The Church council at Jerusalem. Acts 15:1-35.
  6. The Missionary Activities of Paul: (c) Paul’s second Missionary Journey.  Acts 15: 36-38; 18:22 (d) Paul’s third Missionary Journey. Acts 18:23-28.
  7. Some of Paul’s Teaching: Paul’s teaching on: Dignity of Labour. 2Thess. 3:6-15; Col. 3:23. (ii) Paul’s teaching on: Obedience to constituted authority. Rom.13:1-7, Eph. 6:5-8. (iii) Paul’s teaching on: Love, 1Cor.13; Rom.13:8-10.
  8. Paul and his Trials: (a) Paul’s arrival at Jerusalem and his arrest. Acts 21:17-40. (b) Paul before the Jewish Council (The Sanhedrin) and the plot to kill him. Acts 22:30-33, 35. (c) Paul before Roman Governors (Felix, Festus and King Agrippa) and his appeal to Rome. Acts 25: 1-21; (i) Felix –Acts 24:1-27, Festus and Agrippa- Acts 25:22; 26:1-32.
  9. The Growth of the Church: (a) The Great Commission. Matt.28: 19-20; Mark 16:15-16;Luke 24: 47; Acts 1:8. (b) The Orthodox Churches e.g. Roman Catholic Mission, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, EWCA, etc (c) Indigenous Churches e.g. Cherubim and Seraphim, Celestial Church of Christ, CAC, etc.
  10. The Growth of the Church: (d) Pentecostal Churches e.g. Deeper Life Bible Church, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Winners Chapel, Church of God Mission, etc. (e) Marks of growth in the church e.g. organizing crusades, Revivals, Vigils, prayer meetings, miracles etc. Acts 2:1-end.
  11. Revision



  1. Paul’s Nativity and Education
  2. Paul’s Persecution of the Early Church

The Conversion of Paul



  1. Paul’s First Missionary Journey
  2. The Church Council at Jerusalem
  3. Paul’s Third Missionary Journey



  1. Paul’s Teaching on: The Dignity of Labour
  2. Paul’s Teaching on Obedience to Constituted Authority
  3. Paul’s Teaching on Love



  1. Paul’s Arrival at Jerusalem and His Arrest
  2. Paul Before the Jewish Council (Sanhedrin) and the Plot to Kill Him
  3. Paul Before Roman Governors



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