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Complete SS2 Physics Lesson Notes and Plans


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These lesson notes/lesson plans cover the following topics for SS2 First, Second and Third Term Physics:


1. Position, distance and displacement.
2. Scalar and vector Quantities-Concept of scalar and vector quantities, vector representation etc.
3. Derivation of equation of linear motion, Motion under gravity, calculation using these equations.
4. Projectiles and its application.
5. Newton Laws of Motion – Conservation of Linear momentum and collision energy.
6. Equilibrium if Forces – principle of moment, conditions for equilibrium of a Rigid Bodies etc.
7. Equilibrium if Forces – centre of gravity and stability, couple
8. Simple Harmonic Motion- definition, speed, amplitude, displacement, acceleration, etc.
9. Simple Harmonic Motion – Energy of simple harmonic motion and forced vibration, Resonance.
10. Machines – Types and Examples
11. Machines – Calculation.
12. Revision
13. Examination


1 Heat energy – temperature and its measurement
2 Heat capacity and specific heat capacity
3 Calculations on specific heat capacity
4 Evaporation, boiling and melting points and their determination. Effects of impurities and pressure on boiling and melting
5 Latent heat – Fusion and vaporization
6 Vapor pressure – Saturated and unsaturated vapor pressure and its relation to boiling. Humidity ,Relative Humidity, Dew point and its relationship to weather

Mid-term project

7 Gas Laws – Boyle’s, Charles’, Pressure and General gas law
8 Production and propagation of waves
9 Properties of waves – reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference and polarization
10 Light waves – source, reflection, reflection plane and curved mirrors
11 Refraction of light – refractive index, its determination, total internal reflection and critical angle
12 Revision
13 Examination


1. Reflection of light on plane surfaces, laws of reflection, image formation by plane mirror, application of reflection on plane mirror
2. Reflection on curved mirrors-types, images produced, uses and mirror formulae
3. Refraction of light, laws of refraction, effects of refraction, refraction through rectangular prism
4. Refraction through triangular prism, real and apparent depth, total internal reflection, application of total internal reflection
5. Refraction through lenses-types of lenses, image formation in lenses, lens formulae
6. Optical instrument-camera, projector, simple and compound microscope, telescope, human eye, defects and correction of vision
7. Dispersion of white light- production of pure and impure spectrum, colour of objects
8. Sound wave- production, transmission, speed, echo and its application, reverberation, characteristics of sound, forced vibration, resonance
9. Musical instruments
10. Vibration in pipes.

• New School Physics by M.W Anyakhoha
• New System Physics by Dr. Charles Chow.
• SSCE WAEC Past Questions
• UTME Physics Past Questions

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