Complete SS3 Mathematics Lesson Note

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These lesson notes cover the following topics for SS3 First and Second Term Mathematics:

First Term

  1. Theory of Logarithms: Laws of Logarithms and application of Logarithmic equations and indices
  2. Surds: Rational and Irrational numbers; basic operations with surds and conjugate of binomial surds
  3. Application of surds to trigonometrical ratios. Draw the graphs of sine and cosine for angles 00< x < 3600
  4. Matrices and Determinant: Types, order, Notation, basic operations, transpose, determinants of 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 matrices, Inverse of 2 x 2 matrix and application to simultaneous equation
  5. Linear and Quadratic Equations: Application, one linear-one quadratic, word problems leading to one linear-one quadratic
  6. Surface areas and volume of spheres and hemispheres (solid and hollow sphere and hemisphere)
  7. Longitude and Latitude: Identification of longitude and latitude, North and south, meridian, equator. Calculation of length of parallel of
  8. Longitude and Latitude: Calculation of distance between two points on the latitude, longitude, time or speed of aircraft
  9. Arithmetic Finance: Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Annuities, Depreciation and Amortization
  10. Revision of the term’s work

Second Term

  1. Review of first term work: (i) Bonds and debentures (ii) Shares (iii) Rates (iv)  Income tax and (v) Value added tax.
  2. CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY OF STRAIGHT LINE:  Cartesian coordinate (ii) plotting the linear graph (iii) determine the distance between two coordinate points. (iv) Finding the mid-point of the line joining two point (v) practical application of coordinate geometry.(vi) Gradient and intercept of a straight line.
  3. COORDINATE GEOMETRY OF A STRAIGHT LINE CONTINEUS: (I) Define gradient and intercepts of a line. (ii) Find the angle between two intersecting straight lines (iii) Application of linear graphs to real life student.
  4. DIFFERENTIATION OF ALGEBRAIC FUNCTION: (I) Meaning of differentiation/ derived function (ii) differentiation from first principle (iii) standard derivative of some basic functions.
  5. DIFFERENTIATION OF ALGEBRAIC FUNCTION CONTINEUS: Rules of differentiation such as: (a) Sum and difference (b) Product rule (c) Quotient rule. (d) Application of real situation such as Maximal, Minima velocity, Acceleration and rate of change.
  6. INTEGRATION AND EVALUATION SIMPLE ALGEBRAIC FUNCTION: (i) definition (ii) Method of integration: (a) substitution method (b) partial fraction method (c) part. (iii) Application of integration in calculating area under the curve (iv) Use of Simpson’s rule to find the area under the curve.

7-12.    Revision and Mock Examination.


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