English Lesson Note for Primary 3 1st, 2nd & 3rd Term

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The English Lesson Note for Primary 2 1st, 2nd & 3rd Term covers the topics below.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Term English Scheme of Work for Primary 2:

First Term

WK 1: Phonemic Awareness
WK 2: Phonics I
WK 3: Phonics II: Multi Syllabic words
Week 4: Phonics III: Regular and irregular plurals
WK 5: Fluency: Stress and intonation
WK 6: Fluency: Reading
WK 7: Comprehension I: Road safety
WK 8: Comprehension II: Reading
WK 9: Comprehension III: Poem
WK 10: Comprehension IV: Calendar

Second Term

WK 1: Comprehension (Dibia and the zebra crossing)
WK 2: Story reading (The boy who had courage)
WK 3: Event description
Week 4: Vocabulary
WK 5: Concepts of print
WK 6: Use of capital letters, punctuation marks, full stop, comma etc.
WK 7: Writing three to four sentences on everyday activities using present and past tenses.
WK 8: Handwriting
WK 9: Pronunciation of consonant and consonant clusters
WK 10: Revision

Third Term

WK 1: Making simple statements and
responding to simple commands with
emphasis on stress and intonation
WK 2: Simple dialogues expressing present,
past and future actions.
WK 3: Oral comprehension
Week 4: Pronunciation of vowels and
WK 5: Aural discrimination.
WK 6: Use of regular and irregular plurals in
speaking and writing
WK 7: Expressing future action in the
WK 8: Using past continuous tense.
WK 9: Present perfect with “since” and “for”.
WK 10: Interrogation with response using
present perfect.


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