English Lesson Note for Primary 5 First Term

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The English Lesson Note for Primary 5 First Term covers the topics below.

First Term English Scheme of Work for Primary 5:

WK 1. Revision
WK 2. Reading: Teaching of New words, meaning and comprehension; How i Spent My Last Holiday;
The tenses.
WK 3. A. Speech work: Sentences in the passive voice ‘with and without an agent’ (B) Structure:
Mastering of the passive voice Construction change active sentences into Passive voice (C) Grammar:
Relative clauses using words such as “who”, “which”, and “that”
WK 4. A. Speech Work: Intonation practice in statement Questions command and request (B)
Reading: Teaching of new words meaning and Comprehension (C) Grammar: Paragraphs major and
minor Characters (D) Writing: My best friend
WK 5. Speech Work: Reading poem on good Neighborliness; Reading: Teaching of new words
meanings and Comprehension; Grammar: Formal letter to a village head or any Other constituted
authority; Writing: Features of formal and informal letters
WK 6. Speech Work: Making polite requests; Structure: Sentence building on reported speech; Reading:
Teaching of new words, meaning and Comprehension; Grammar: Writing: Formal invitation
WK 7. Speech Work: (A) Using the telephone {Call and Response in telephone conversation} (B)
Structure: Compare and contrast polite intonation And the rude or impolite tone/intonation in Dialogue;
(C) Reading: Teaching of new words, meaning; Grammar: Comparison of formal and informal Letters in
request of formal feature; (D) Writing: Guided composition on bicycle
WK 8. Speech Work: Intonation practice; Structure: Reported speech; Reading: Teaching of new words,
meaning and Comprehension; Grammar: Writing the opposite of the underlined Words Writing:
Abbreviated forms of letter e.g. Telegram
WK 9. Speech Work: Making reports of statements, Commands, questions changing reports to direct;
Speech; Structure: Sentence building; Reading: Teaching of new words, meaning and
Comprehension; Grammar: Intonation practice on question Tags;
Writing: Describing a house
WK 10. Revision


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