Second Term JSS2 Physical and Health Education Lesson Note


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This lesson note covers the following topics for JSS2 Second Term Physical and Health Education:

1. Revision of work done in the first term.
2. Components of school health program: (a) meaning of school program (b) the components of school health program –(i) health instruction (ii) school health services (iii) healthful school living/healthful school environment (iv) school community relationship.(c) FRESH approach, meaning, initiative, skill based teacher effective application of resources. Effective health related policies. Integrated teaching. (Infusing health components into related subject areas).
3. Environmental pollution: (a) type of environmental pollution –air, water, land and noise pollution. (b) Effects of environmental pollution (c) prevention of environmental pollution.
4. Posture and postural defects: (a) meaning of posture. (b) kinds of posture- (i) standing posture, (ii) sitting posture, (iii) walking posture (iv) running posture, (v) lifting posture (vi) climbing posture. (c) Posture defects, – (i) hypnosis, (ii) vague knee, (iii) virus knee, (iv) lordosis and (v) scoliosis. (d) Causes of posture defects: (i) poor nutrition, (ii) lack of exercises, (iii) uneven soled shoes, (iv) tight wears, (v) poor sleeping position,(vi) disproportionate growth.
5. Gymnastic—Apparatus Activities: (a) definition of apparatus activities. (b) Classification of apparatus: (i) horizontal ladder,(ii) parallel bars – balance beams (girls), (iii) vaulting box, (iv) buck, etc. (c) activities done with apparatus: through vault, astride vault, lift vault, dive forward roll over box, neck spring, balancing on beam (girls), cartwheel. (d) Definition and functions of spotters in gymnastic activities and other safety precautions.
6. Types of Recreational activities: (a) the types of indoor recreational activities – lido, draught, scrabble, table tennis.(b) types of outdoor recreational activities — hunting, fishing, jogging etc.
7. Dramatic and creative rhythms: (a) definition of rhythmic activities. (b) Classification of rhythmic activities: (i) fundamental rhythms (walking, running and skipping). (ii) Creative rhythms (imitate animal and old soldier) (iii) dramatic rhythm (dramatization, poems and stories).
8. Computer Games: Computer sports – (i) football (ii) volleyball (iii) basketball.
9. Consumer health: (a) meaning of consumer health. (b) examples of consumer right – (i) display of production and expiry dates. (ii) Display of nutrient composition. (iii) Choice of food.
10. Revision.
11. Examination.


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