Second Term SS2 Chemistry Lesson Note


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This lesson note covers the following topics for SS2 Second Term Chemistry:

1. Rates of Chemical Reaction
• Meaning of Rate of Chemical Reaction.
• Rate Curve.
• The Collision Theory.
• Factors Affecting Rate of Chemical Reactions.
2. Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
• Heat Content (Enthalpy) of a Substance.
• Thermodynamics: First and Second Laws.
• Entropy and Free Energy.
3. Chemical Equilibrium
• Reversible Reactions
• Le Chatelier’s Principle.
• Factors Affecting Chemical Equilibrium.
• Equilibrium Constant.
4. Oxygen and its Compounds
• General Properties of Oxygen Family.
• Electronic Structure and Bonding in Oxygen.
• Preparation, Properties and Uses of Oxygen.
• Oxides: Classification.
5. Chlorine and other Halogens
• Electronic Configuration of Halogens
• Physical and Chemical Properties of Halogens.
• Laboratory and Industrial Preparation of Chlorine.
• Compound of Chlorine: Hydrogen Chloride.
• Test for Chlorides.
6. Nitrogen
• General Properties of Nitrogen Family.
• Laboratory Preparation and Industrial Preparation of Nitrogen.
• Properties and Uses of Nitrogen.
• Nitrogen Cycle.
7. Compounds of Nitrogen
• Oxides of Nitrogen
• Ammonia: Preparation, Properties and Uses.
• Trioxonitrate (V) acid: Preparation, Properties and Uses.
8. Sulphur
• General Properties of Sulphur Group.
• Electronic Structure of Members of Sulphur Group.
• Allotropes of Sulphur.
• Uses of Sulphur.
9. Compounds of Sulphur
• H2S, SO2 and SO3: Preparation, Properties and Uses
• Tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid: Industrial Preparation (Contact Process).
10. Revision

• New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary School by O.Y.Ababio (6th edition)
• Calculations on Chemistry by E.U. Akusoba and G.O. Ewelukwa
• WASSCE past Questions and Answers on Chemistry
• UTME past Questions and Answers on Chemistry


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