Second Term SS2 English Lesson Note


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This lesson note covers the following topics for SS2 Second Term English Language: 

  1. (i) Revision of Last Term’s Work and Examination Questions

(ii) Structure – Use of Possessive Apostrophe

(iii) Comprehension (Reading to Grasp Main Points): Unit 9; Stock Exchange, Effective English, pg. 134 – 136

Writing (Narrative) “My SS 1 Experience.”

  1. Comprehension: (Reading to Grasp Sentence Paragraph Transition): Unit 10 – Nothing Gets Done. Effective English, page 150

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with the Press

Structure: Punctuation Marks (Comma, Semi-colon, Question Mark, Colon)

  1. Essay Writing (Formal Letters) Letter of Complaints

Structure – Sentence Types According to Functions

Speech Work – Diphthongs

Summary – How to Answer Summary Questions

  1. Essay Writing: (Informal Letters) Letters to a Friend in Another Town.

Speech Work: Diphthongs /ei, ai, au, ᴐi/

Comprehension (Reading for Implied Meaning): unit II – Moral Behaviour, Effective English, page 168

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Environment.

  1. Summary Writing: Wole Soyinka, Effective English, pg 158 – 159

Structure: Kinds of Pronouns

Speech Work: Rhyme Scheme

  1. Comprehension: (Reading for Critical Evaluation) Communication; Effective English page 181

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Nation Building

Structure: Introduction to Sequence of Tenses

Speech Work: Diphthongs /Iә, eә, әƱ, Ʊә/

  1. Structure: More About Phrasal Verbs

Comprehension: unit 12 Advancement in Technology, Effective English, pg 109 – 111

Vocabulary Development: Technology

Speech Work: Comparison of /tᶘ/ and /ᶘ/, /ʤ/ and /ʒ/

  1. Essay Writing: Articles

Structure: Active and Passive Structures

Register: Words Associated with Cultural Entertainment

  1. Structure: Making Uncountable Nouns Countable

Summary: Writing Answers to Model Summary Passage

Vocabulary Development: Noting Words Commonly Misspelt.

Writing: Writing Semi-Formal Letter.

  1. Revision
  2. & 12 Examination


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