Social Studies Lesson Note for Primary 4 1st, 2nd & 3rd Term

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The Social Studies Lesson Note for Primary 4 1st, 2nd & 3rd Term covers the topics below.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Term Social Studies Scheme of Work for Primary 4:

First Term

1. Living in the family
2. Relationship of some members of the family.
3. Marriage
4. Marriage problems and solution
5. Our culture and Element of culture
6. Culture
7. Culture
– Ways of cultural preservation e.g. museum,
Symbols, building, dressing, festivals.
– Some cultures to be discarded like ritual
Killings, destroying tribalism and reasons
– These to be retained e.g. Respect to elders
Respect for handwork and high moral values
8. Our Religion
– What is Religion?
– Types of Religion
– Mode of worship in different religious practices
– Material for each worship e.g. Candle, music
Holy Bible, beads, Quran.
9. Religion Practice Lagos State Ministry of Education Schemes of work for
Primary School
– Islamic Religion belief in Allah and prophet
Mohammed as the messenger. They pray five
Times a day and they worship in the mosque.
– Traditional Religion, Idol worshippers practice in
The shrine and believes in some objects as their
– Christian Religion believes in the Supreme Being
Called God and his only begotten son Jesus
Christ. They worship in the church on Sunday
And use the Holy Bible to pray.
10. Similarities and aspects of religion
– We all pray to God through different means.
– Difference in religion
– Styles of dressing.
11. Other people’s beliefs and tradition
– Ways of our belief e.g. Tradition differ from
And similar to others.
– The names they call God
– The method of worship

Second Term

1. Citizenship
2. Right of a citizen
3. The concept of government
4. The concept of local Government
5. Problems of local government and suggestion and Solution
6. The concept of State Government
7. Separation of power and functions
8. Division of labor
9. Why division of labor is necessary in Agricultural Industry
10. Savings
11. Employment
12. Natural Reno

Third Term

1. Employment
2. Wages and income distribution
3. Communication
4. Forms of accidents
5. Factors which encourage abuse of drugs
6&7. Some substances abuse and their health and socio
Economic effects
8. Characteristics of drug abusers, their treatment and
9. What we can do prevent drug abuse
10. Pollution
11. Agricultural technology
12. Revision
13. Examination


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