Third Term JSS2 Basic Technology Question Bank

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Excerpt of Questions for JSS2 Third Term Basic Technology:

  1. Which type of maintenance does the machine need a total overhaul?                    (a) corrective                  (b) preventive                  (c) predictive                   (d) servicing
  2. The actions taken on anything to keep it working is known as ___           (a) servicing           (b) maintenance               (c) practicing                            (d) rebranding
  3. Advantages of maintenance include all except           (a) saves money                                                      (b) reduces accidents                          (c) makes price of equipment less expensive              (d) prevents breakdown
  4. ___ is a type of maintenance. (a) successful    (b) arranging    (c) repairing    (d) corrective
  5. Preventive maintenance is carried out ___           (a) during breakdown                           (b) before servicing                                                                   (c) after breakdown                            (d) before breakdown
  6. The maintenance done…

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