Below are the 100 Quick Report Card Comments Teachers can Use while writing report cards of students/ pupils

1. I have truly enjoyed being ____’s teacher and will miss him/her next year.
2. _ is making good/excellent/outstanding progress in _ grade.
3. _ has done a(n)/fantastic/exemplary/wonderful job this year in grade and has worked so very hard.
4. I appreciate __’s quality work/motivation to do well/attitude and have enjoyed being his/her teacher.
5. _ is intelligent but works below his/her capacity/potential due to a lack of motivation/attention to quality work.

6. _ succeeds at whatever task he/she puts his/her mind to.
7. I am so proud of _ and wish him/her well for __ grade and beyond.
8. _ has worked very hard this year and I am proud of all of his/her accomplishments.
9. _ has strengthened his/her skills in _.
10. _ is respectful to his/her classmates and is very well-liked.

11. I am concerned about _’s organizational skills and his/her responsibility related to turning in assignments on time.
12. _ sets high standards for himself/herself and reaches them.
13. _ is helpful and kind and is a pleasure to be around.
14. _ has done well in many areas but I am concerned that his/her lack of listening/focus/motivation and following directions/working independently/working quietly has contributed to his lower grade in __.
15. ____ has made good/excellent/outstanding progress in all academic areas.
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100 Quick Report Card Comments Teachers can Use while writing report cards of students/ pupils continuation…

16. ____ is bright, motivated, and hard working and can be proud of his/her accomplishments this year.
17. Unfortunately, _’s grades have suffered from missing assignments.
18. _ is gaining confidence in _ but would benefit from ___.
19.____ follows classroom rules consistently and is a good role model.
20. Please encourage _ to ___ each day to help him/her improve in _.

21. ____ has a positive attitude and is a joy to teach.
22. _ seems to find ___ challenging and would benefit from reading nightly/practicing math facts/working online…
23. _ is a(n) awesome/wonderful/fabulous _ grader and I have enjoyed getting to know him/her this year.
24. _ is capable of achieving a higher grade in _ but needs to __ in order to make progress.
25. ____ excels in creative/narrative/opinion writing.

26. ____ produces stories/essays/paragraphs that are well-organized/well developed.
27. ____ has strong reading comprehension skills.
28. _ seems to have difficulty at times with reading comprehension and would benefit from ___.
29. _ has made great improvement in the area of ___.
30. ____ works well with other students.

31. ____ not only works well with his/her classmates, but is a natural leader.
32. ____ is intrinsically motivated and strives to please.
33. ____ is doing an excellent/outstanding/wonderful/fantastic/great job overall this year.
34. ____ enjoys participating in class lessons and his/her background knowledge adds a great deal to our discussions.
35. ____ is very compassionate and is always kind to others.

36. ____ is a creative student and I have enjoyed seeing the wonderful writing/art projects/drawings he/she has created/written.
37. ____ is on task regardless of the activity.
38. ____ seems to enjoy school and his/her positive attitude brightens up our classroom.
39. ____ listens attentively to directions, and I appreciate his/her ability to start work right away.

40. ____ is a very polite student, and is a joy to teach.
41. ____ struggles with following classroom rules, and needs to focus on working quietly/staying in his/her seat…
42. ____ is very talkative during quiet working periods and distracts others around him/her.
43. Working quietly is very difficult for , and I would like him/her to focus on his/her work, so that he/she, as well as others around him/her are able to attend to the task at hand/learn more effectively…
44. _ has an excellent attitude and is always willing to lend a hand.
45. _ is a wonderful helper and a classroom leader.

46. ___ shows interest and enthusiasm for classroom activities and seems to enjoy learning.
47. _ is polite to classmates and to all adults on staff at school.
48. _ is a problem solver and shows a great deal of persistence.
49. _ enjoys being challenged and would benefit from __________.
50. _ completes his/her work carefully and completely.
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100 Quick Report Card Comments Teachers can Use while writing report cards of students/ pupils continuation…

51. I appreciate _’s neat work, that is carefully done.
52. _ needs to slow down, in order to produce quality/carefully done work.
53. _ struggles with organizational skills in the classroom and needs to keep his/her desk neater, in order to make his/her day run more smoothly.
54. _ struggles to find needed papers/materials and would benefit from using a folder/a binder/keeping a neater desk.
55. _ is very organized and finds needed materials easily.

56. _ displays good citizenship in our classroom.
57. _ has worked hard to raise his/her grade in ____ and I appreciate his/her effort.
58. _ has a strong work ethic and never completes any assignment halfway.
59. _ has learned a great deal this year and has shown particular improvement in _.
60. _ needs to memorize his/her basic math facts in order to complete complex math problems more easily.

61. _ would benefit from ______ to fully memorize basic math facts.
62. Memorizing basic addition/multiplication math facts would be very helpful to _.
63. ____ shows special strengths in the area of social studies/science and has done very well this trimester/year.
64. Science/social studies tests have been very difficult for , and he/she would benefit from increasing the time spent studying the material.
65. _ seems to enjoy science/social studies and has done an excellent job this year.

66. _ needs to listen and follow directions carefully during class time.
67. _ pays attention to detail in his/her assignments and I appreciate the high quality of his/her work.
68. _ is very responsible and turns assignments/homework in on time.
69. _ uses higher level thinking skills to complete challenging assignments.
70. _ is an active participant in small group, as well as whole class discussions.

71. _ is truly eager to learn and asks questions appropriately when needed.
72. _ has a good sense of theme/the main idea/characters/plot/inferences, which strengthens his/her reading ability.
73. _ reads smoothly and with good expression.
74. _ is able to use data from graphs and charts/use a compass successfully/convert measurements correctly.
75. This trimester, I would like _ to work on _________.

76. _ uses reading strategies such as __ effectively, which increases his/her reading comprehension.
77. _ has a large vocabulary, which adds to his/her ability to write effectively.
78. _ shows strong knowledge in the area of __.
79. _ is able to share appropriate and relevant information, which adds to classroom discussions.
80. _ consistently puts forth his/her best effort in ____, which is wonderful to see.

81. _ arrives at school each day with a happy attitude, ready to learn.
82. _ has exceeded expectations in the area of ____.
83. _ works independently and is able to complete enrichment activities when he/she is finished with required assignments.
84. _ is able to focus and stays on task during independent working times.
85. I have enjoyed ____’s sense of humor in our classroom.

86. _ has a wonderful personality and his/her sense of humor makes me smile.
87. _ is an excellent grader, and he/she has made our classroom a better place.
88. _ uses class time constructively.
89. _ is a flexible learner and adapts easily to new challenges.
90. This trimester, I would like _to focus on _____ in order to_______.

91. _ always uses his/her time wisely.
92. _ turns in work that is beautifully done.
93. _ needs lots of repetition and practice in order to retain_____.
94. _ enjoys poetry/reading/music/science/art… and excels in it.
95. _ is an attentive Pupil /student and is working well in all subject areas.

96. I would like to see _ pay closer attention to ____ in order to _____.
97. _ is a very talented artist, and I truly enjoy the passion he/she puts into his/her art work.
98. I have truly enjoyed getting to know and wish him/her the very best in grade and beyond.
99. I have enjoyed having in our class this year and will truly miss him/her as he/she moves on to _ grade.
100. is a very special Pupil/ student and one that I will never forget. I will miss him/her next year.
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