Are you in the examination class preparing for May/June West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) or perhaps you are no longer in secondary school but want to write GCE and so you are searching for Site to Download WAEC Past Questions?  If yes, search no further, you are in the right place. Free WAEC Past Questions and Answers are available here for Download. is not only a platform for Teachers to access Scheme of Work or Download Primary & Secondary School Lesson Notes, but also where students in their last stage of Secondary School Education or those preparing for GCE can find Free WAEC Past Questions and Answers for all Subjects.

Free WAEC Past Questions and Answers are available here for Download.

Our Free WAEC past questions and answers for all subjects will assist you with your studies as your prepare for your examinations, so you can come out in flying colours. The importance of studying using free WAEC past questions and answers for your West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) cannot be over emphasized. Past question help reveal your strength and weakness, so you can focus on turning your weakness to strength.

Are you still wondering why you need to study past questions and answers for WAEC?

Here are some importance of studying with past questions and why you should download past questions for WAEC and start using them immediately.

Well, revising for WAEC examination is more than just reading through the lesson notes you made in class. It also involves knowing how WAEC set their objective and theory questions and exactly the right approach to answering them. So, when you download past questions for WAEC and practice with them, you can greatly improve your chances of doing well. And with our free WAEC past questions and answers for all subjects, we have got you covered.

Past questions will also help you figure out popular topics (most frequently asked questions in WAEC) and make you family with WAEC examination pattern thus helping you to overcome examination tension.

Caution: It is not advisable to depend only on past questions. So, don’t study with only past question except it’s a day or two to the examination. Ensure your text book and study materials are close to you as you practice with past question. This will not only help you to learn more deeply but will help to fill your knowledge gaps. You can take advantage of EduPodia’s Online Resources to quickly read up some concept when you feel stuck. Here on EduPodia, you can access all Secondary School Lessons from JSS1 to SS3 (first, second & third term) online when you register as a premium member and subscribe to any of our plans starting with just N200.  If you would rather download the lesson notes to your mobile device or computer, then click here to order and download our secondary school lesson notes.

WAEC Past Questions Free Download

WAEC Agricultural Science past Questions Download

WAEC Biology past Questions Download

WAEC Chemistry past Questions Download

WAEC Commerce past Questions Download

WAEC CRK past Questions Download

WAEC Economics past Questions Download

WAEC English Language past Questions Download

WAEC Financial Accounting past Questions Download

WAEC Further Mathematics past Questions Download

WAEC Geography past Questions Download

WAEC Literature in English past Questions Download

WAEC Mathematics past Questions Download

WAEC Physics past Questions Download

WAEC Technical Drawing past Questions Download

WAEC Visual Arts past Questions Download

WAEC Yoruba past Questions Download

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UPDATE: You Can Now Practice WAEC Past Questions and Answers Online – All Subjects.

WAEC has launched online WAEC past question and answer portal. If you are searching for site for WAEC answers, then visit the WAEC e-Learning portal. The primary reason why WAEC created the e-learning hub is to check the number of failures in the WAEC May/June SSCE.

WAEC e-learning is the official portal where to get free WAEC answers for all WAEC approved subjects. You can access the portal via this link:

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