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This Lesson Note on Basic Science Primary 6 (Basic Six) 1st, 2nd & 3rd Term covers weekly prepared lesson notes and each of them is rich in classwork, curriculum compliant, and syllabus based.

The lesson note is well-detailed with adequate evaluation to ensure that the learning objectives are achieved.

The scheme of work used in preparing the lesson note is based on the latest unified NERDC/UBE curriculum which is suitable for all schools in all the States in Nigeria.

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Basic Science Scheme of Work for Primary 6 (Basic 6) 1st, 2nd & 3rd Term

First Term:

1. Units I Review of Primary Five’s Work
2. Units II Synthetic & Naturally Occurring Drugs
3. Unit III Drug use and abuse
4. Unit IV Our Weather
5. Unit V Earth and Sky Movement
6. Unit VI the Earth’s Movement
7. Unit VII Living and Non-living Things
– Identification of living and non-living things
– Characteristics of living and non-living things
8. Unit VIII Growing Crops
9. Unit IX Improving Crops Yield
10. Unit X the Human Circulatory System
– The Structure and Functions of the hearth
11. Unit XI Revision
12. Unit XII Examination

Second Term:

1. Revision of First Term’s Work
2. The Human reproductive System
– The Meaning of reproduction
– The structure and function of male reproductive organ
– The Structure and function of female reproductive organ
3. Responsible Parenthood
– Safe age for reproduction
– Changes in male and female during puberty
– Responsible sexual behavior
– Identification of sexually irresponsible behaviour
– Consequences of indiscriminate or irresponsible sexual behaviour
4. Water Projects
– Example of water projects in Nigeria e.g. Canals, Dams, Water ports, e.t.c.
– Benefits and Hazard of Water Projects
5. Air
– Meaning of Air
– Properties of Air
– Air Pressure (Uses)
6. Minerals
– Meaning of Mineral Resources
– Types and Sources of Minerals resources
– Importance of Mineral Resources
– Consequences of Over Exploitation of mineral resources on environment
7. Colours
– The Component of Light (Rainbow)
– Primary and Secondary Colours
– Mixing of Colours
8. Door Mat Making
– Materials for door mat making
– Drawing instruments
– Uses of drawing instruments
9. Introduction to Woodwork Hand tools
– Definition of hand tools
– The measuring tools
– The marking tools
– The cutting tools
10. Maintenance
– Definition of Maintenance
– Types of Maintenance
– Importance of Maintenance
11. Revision
12. Examination

Third Term:

1. Unit I Safety – Meaning of Safety – Meaning of accident – Causes of accident – Methods of
preventing accident – Safety Devices
– First Aid box (items in first aid box)
2. Unit II Simple Machines – Definitions of simple machine – Levers (Meaning) – Example of
Lever – Parts of Lever – Uses of Lever
3. Unit III Pulleys (Meaning) – Examples of pulley – Types of pulley – Application of pulley
4. Unit IV Inclined planes (Meaning) – Examples of inclined planes – Advantages of inclined
5. Unit V Forces – Meaning of force – Examples of force
– Types of force – Effects of force
6. Unit VI Frictional force – Meaning of friction – Effects of friction – Advantages and
disadvantages of friction – Reducing friction
7. Unit VII Magnetism – Meaning of Magnet – Properties of Magnet – Uses of Magnet – Making
8 & 9. Unit Revision of 1st Term’s work
10 & 11. Unit Revision of 2nd Term’s work
12 Unit Examination


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