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This Lesson Note on Civic Education Primary 5 (Basic Five) Third Term covers weekly prepared lesson notes and each of them is rich in classwork, curriculum compliant, and syllabus based.

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The scheme of work used in preparing the lesson note is based on the latest unified NERDC/UBE curriculum which is suitable for all schools in all the States in Nigeria.

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Civic Education Scheme of Work for Primary 5 (Basic 5) Third Term

1. Revision of second term’s work
2. Our duties and obligations to government
(A) Meaning of duties and obligation
(B).Duties of pupils in a school
(C).Duties of children in a family
3. (A).Duties and obligations of citizens to government
(B).Consequences of citizen failing to perform their Duties and
4 . Representative Democracy (Defending democracy social justice)
(A).Meaning of pressure group with examples
(B).Importance of pressure group
5. Communicating social injustice to leaders
6 .Pressure Groups
(A).Advantages of pressure group
(B).Disadvantages of pressure group
7 Altitude to work
(A).Meaning of hard work and laziness
(B).Reward for hard work and laziness
(C).How to encourage hard work
8 . Workers protest against inadequate payment e.g.demonstration,
strikers etc
9 Civil Society and Moral Education
(A)Meaning of civil society
(B)Characteristics of civil society
10. Some Civil Society Organization in Nigeria
11. (A).Meaning of Moral Education
(B).Importance of moral education to civil society


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