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Social Studies Scheme of Work for Primary 5 (Basic 5) 1st, 2nd & 3rd Term

First Term:

1. Other people in the family
2. Unity in cultural Diversity
3. Processes of changing culture and difference
4. Marriage customs and practices
5. Roles played by families – consequence, prevention
6. Responsible Parenthood
7. Problems of parenthood STIS/STDS/AIDS
8. Traditional marriage

Second Term:

1. Leadership
2. Organization and cooperation
– Meaning of organization and cooperation
– Types of organization and cooperation
– Why people live together
-Functions of various organization and cooperation
– Benefit of living together i.e. cooperation in
Solving common problems, protect one another,
Sharing of things together etc.
– Problems, bad feelings, harming one another etc.
3. Resources/Preservation (saving)
– What is resource preservation
– Mention types of saving e.g. Modern ways of
Saving money: thrift and credit, cooperatives,
Banks, insurances companies etc.
– Banking facilities in communities’ e.g.
Commercial bank, swing bank, micro-credit
Bank etc.
– Process of opening an account in the bank Lagos State Ministry of
Education Schemes of work for Primary School
– Organized a drama small and large sized
Families difficulties in managing income.
4. Causes of poor savings
– Causes of poor savings e.g. High level of spending
Too many festivals and feast etc.
– Inability to manage ones income properly
– Practice savings e.g. personal savings, formal of
Keeping records of savings etc.
5. Resources Development
– Meaning of capital: capitals savings for further
– Ways of raising funds: government source,
Through taxes, levies, loans, donations, grants,
– Sources of funds e.g. Individual and group
Sources: saving loans, institution, donations etc.
– Identify the uses of funds e.g. establishment of
Industries, buying of proportion etc.
6. Resources Distribution
– Meaning of resources: e.g. used for further
– Types of resources e.g. Land, labour, capital and
– Why resources are not evenly distributed, e.g.
Nature, lack of access, location of raw materials,
Market etc.
– Problems of over concentration of industries e.g.
Pollution, high cost of living, unhealthy environment
– Ways of ensuring even distributions of resources
E.g. provide social amenities in other places,
Policy for rural development should be
Introduced. Lagos State Ministry of Education Schemes of work for
Primary School
7. Employment
– What is Employment?
– Concept of employment, unemployment and
Under-unemployment e.g. Employment: having
Jobs and earning income, unemployment: Not
Having jobs that earn income, under employment:
Not having jobs that attract sufficient income
– Causes of unemployment e.g. Economic,
Recession, lack of information, low investment,
Lack of necessary skills etc.
– What are the causes of underemployment e.g.
Lack of appropriate facilities, no conducive
Environment, poor management, lack of
Adequate training etc.
8. Wages and income
– Concept of wages and salaries e.g. Wages are
Not paid at regular interval, like money paid to
Workers at the end of the month.
Salaries: are paid at regular interval e.g. monthly
Salaries, both are payment for workers.
– Why some people can earn higher salaries than
Others e.g. level of qualifications, value of
Services, amount and quality of work done.
9. Communication
– Meaning of communication e.g. Information
Carried out from one place to another.
– Types of electronic communication devices that
Use electricity e.g. television, radio, telephone,
Fax, emails, and internet facilities etc.
– Uses of the devices e.g. Television: enlightenment
Entertainment, discussion of important public issues,
News etc.
– Problems of some of the devices e.g. poor Lagos State Ministry of
Education Schemes of work for Primary School
Condition of the set, climatic changes, outdated
Facilities, irregular electricity supply etc.
10. Transportation

Third Term:

1. Housing
2. Features of adequate housing
3. Population and housing
4. Personal hygiene and physical development
5. Physical fitness and population
6. Drug abuse
7. Prevention of drug abuse and life coping skills
8 Pollution
.9. Natural Disaster.
10. Mechanized agriculture
11. Difference between man and woman


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