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Complete JSS3 Mathematics Lesson Note

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These lesson notes cover the following topic for JSS3 First, Second and Third Term Mathematics

First Term

1                      Revision of JSS 2 work

2                      The Binary number system

3                      Binary number system continued

4                      Algebraic Processes

5                      Word problems

6                      Change of subject of formulae

7                      Revision of first half terms work and periodic test

8                      Statistics

9                      Statistics Continued

10                   Simple equations involving fraction and simultaneous equations

11                   Revision of 2nd half term’s lesson and periodic test

12-13             First term examination

Second Term

  1. Revision of first term work
  2. Simple Equations involving Fractions: Simple Equations involving fractions. Word problems leading to simple equations involving fractions
  3. Simultaneous Linear equations: Compilations of tables of values. Graphical solution of simultaneous linear equations in two variables.
  4. Solution of simultaneous linear equations: Method by elimination and method by substitution.
  5. Similar shapes: identification of similar figures-triangles, rectangles, squares, cubes and cuboids. Enlargement and scale factor
  6. Use of scale factor in calculating lengths, areas and volumes of similar figures.
  7. Trigonometry: the sine, cosine and tangent of an acute angle. Applications of Tri gonometrical ratios to finding distances and lengths
  8. Area of plane Figures: Area of plane figures-Triangles, parallelogram, trapezium and circle. Calculations of the areas of lands
  9. Construction: Bisection of a segment-using a pair of compasses and a ruler. Bisection of an angle. Construction of angles 900, 450,  600  and  300. Copying giving angles. Solving quantitative reasoning aptitude problems on construction.
  10. Revision.
  11. Examination.

Third Term

  1. Revision of First term’s work
  2. Methods of solving simultaneous Linear Equations in one or Two Variables

Elimination, Substitution and Graphical Methods

  1. Methods of solving simultaneous Equation.

Application of Linear Equation

Graphical Method continued

  1. Statistics II

Application of measure of central tendency on relevant current issues

Data collection from info on drug Abuse, voters Register, Producers (workers), consumers (children, aged etc)

Importance of data on drug.  Abuse, HIV patients, Voters Register, Producers, consumers etc

The use of the statistical tools such as measures of central tendency in Drug abuse, voting and other related activities.

  1. Variation

Concept and meaning

Types of variation with examples Direct, Inverse, Joint, and Partial.

  1. Variation (continued)

            Joint and Partial Variation on simple exercises

            More exercise in the various types of variation

  1. Revision
  2. Trigonometric ratio of angles

            Sine, cosine, tangent of acute angles

            Application of trigonometrically ratios to solve problems on angles and sides of a

  1. Angles of elevation and depression

            Clinometers to measure distances.


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