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Complete SS2 Agricultural Science Lesson Notes and Plans


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These lesson notes/lesson plans cover the following topics for SS2 First, Second and Third Term Agricultural Science:

First Term

1-2  Soil: Meaning, Types, Composition and Properties of Soil.

        3               Farm Machinery and Implements: Types, Description, Uses and Maintenance.

        4-5           Surveying and Planning of Farmstead; Meaning and Importance, Common Survey Equipment.

        6               Irrigation and Drainage; Meaning, Importance, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages.

        7               Environmental Factors Affecting Agricultural Production (Crops and Animals), Climatic Factors – Biotic factors – Edaphic factors.

        8 – 9         Plant Nutrient and Nutrient Cycle.

            Macro and Micro Nutrients.

            Nitrogen, Carbon and Water cycles.

        10             Factors Influencing Nutrient Availability in the Soil.

            Methods of Replenishing Soil Nutrients

           Farming Practices



  • Essential Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools, by O.A. Iwena
  • Prescribed Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools by S.A. Omofuyi Otal
  • WAEC Pack

Second Term


1-2                               Pasture and Forage Crops

3                                  Forest Management

4                                  Floriculture

5-6                               Diseases of Crops

7-8                               Pests of Crops

9                                  General Prevention and Control of Crop Pests

10                                Revision

11-12                           Examination



  1. Essential Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools by O. A Iwana
  2. Prescribed Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary School.
  3. WAEC Past Questions and Answers Booklet

Third Term

1-2                   Common Weeds Found in Farm: Meaning, Types, Examples and Economic Importance

3-4                   Crop Improvement: Meaning, Aims, Methods, Processes of Crop Improvement

5-6                   Basic Economic Principles: Principles of Demand and Supply, Effects of Demand and Supply, Law of Diminishing return

7-8                   Farm Records and Farm Accounts

9-10                 Animal Nutrition

11                    Revision

12                    Examination



  • Essential Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools, by O.A. Iwena
  • Essential economics

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