Third Term SS2 English Lesson Note


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This lesson note covers the following topics for SS2 Second Term English Language: 

  1. Revision of the Last Term’s Examination Questions, Resumption Test,

Revision of Tenses in Grammar

Narrative: My Holiday Experience  

  1. Conditional Clauses; Complex Sentence

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Publishing

Essay Writing: Speech Writing, Meaning and Features

  1. Speech Work: Stress Patterns

Structure: Active and Passive Voice 

Vocabulary Development: Prefixes

Essay Writing: Article Writing; Explanation and Features

  1. Structure: Prepositional Phrase

Vocabulary Development: The Use of Dictionary 

Grammar: Rules of Concord

Comprehension: Bullying (pg 84, Countdown English)

  1. Speech Work: Stress Placement on Two or More Syllable Words

Essay writing: Story Writing

Comprehension: Reading for the Writer’s purpose

Vocabulary Development: A Manufacturing Industry

  1. Summary writing: Agriculture Technical Aid to Africa p.85

Structure: Adjectival Clause

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Films and TV

  1. Speech Work: Vowels /I/ & /I:/

Essay Writing: Expository: Raising a Total Child

Comprehension: Reading to Identify Sentence Types in a Passage

Structure: Adverbs

  1. Vocabulary Development: Hotel & Catering

Summary Writing: Summarising to get Implied Meaning

Structure: Prepositional Phrases

  1. Comprehension: African Plucked Lutes

Structure: Idioms

Vocabulary Development: Words Associated with Politics and Government

Writing: Essay Writing; Descriptive Essay: A Festival I Like.

  1. Structure: Affixation: Suffixes

Speech Work: Nasal Sounds (/m/ /n/ and /h/)

Comprehension/Register: Vocabulary Associated with Transportation

  1. Structure: Clauses- Subordinate and Insubordinate

Speech work: Stress on the 5th and 6th syllable

Comprehension: Reading for Implied Meaning and Interpreting Examples

  1. Revision
  2. Examination



  1. Montgomery et al: Effective English for S.S 2 (Main Textbook) Evans PublishersIbadan.
  2. Ogunsanwo et al: Countdown to SSCE Evans Publishers Ibadan.


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