First Term JSS2 Yoruba Lesson Note


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This lesson note covers the following topics for JSS2 First Term Yoruba:

  1. Sise atunyewo fonoloji ede Yoruba

Atunyewo awon asa ninu ise olodun kin-in-ni

Atunyewo awon ewi alohun yoruba

  1. Eya gbolohun nipa ise won

Asa igbeyawo ni ile Yoruba

Kika iwe apileko ti ijoba yan

  1. Eya gbolohun

Asa igbeyawo ni ile Yoruba (igbeyawo ode-oni)

Kika iwe apileko oloro geere

  1. Gbolohun ede Yoruba nipa fifi oju ihun wo o

Sise akanse ise awujo Yoruba (project)

Litireso alohun to je mo ayeye

  1. Onka Yoruba (101-300)

Ise akanse kan ni awujo (project)

Litireso alohun to je mo ayeye

Kika iwe apileko ti ijoba yan

  1. Onka Yoruba (300-500)

Sise itoju oyun ni ona abinibi ati ode-oni

  1. Akaye oloro geere

Ise omo bibi (oro idile baba olomo)

Kika iwe apileko ti ijoba yan

  1. Akaye oloro geere

Asa isomoloruko

Kika iwe apileko ti ijoba yan

  1. Akoto

Igbagbo Yoruba nipa orisirisi owe ile Yoruba

Kika iwe apileko oloro geere ti ijoba yan

  1. Kiko Yoruba ni ilana akoto ode-oni

Orisirisi oruko ile Yoruba (igbagbo Yoruba nipa abiku)


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