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First Term SS1 Physics Lesson Note and Plan


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This lesson note/lesson plan covers the following topics for SS1 First Term Physics:

1 Introduction to Physics; Familiarization of Physics Laboratory
2 Measurement of Mass, Weight, Length and Time;
3. Motion in Nature, Force, Circular Motion, Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces
4. Frictions
5. Vector and Scalar Quantity, Distance/Displacement, Speed/Velocity, Acceleration, Distance/Displacement-Time Graph, Speed/Velocity-Time Graph, equations of uniformly acceleration
6. Calculations on velocity-time graph.
7. Density and Relative Density
8. Upthrust, Archimedes Principle, Law of floatation, Pressure
9. Work, Energy and power. Work Done in a Force Field, Types of Energy and Energy Conversion.
10. Viscosity
11. Revision

• New School Physics. By Prof. M.W Anyakoha
• New System Physics. By Dr. Charles Chow

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