Third Term SS2 Further Mathematics Lesson Note


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This lesson note covers the following topics for SS2 Third Term Further Mathematics:

1. Revision of Second Term Examination Questions.
2. Projectile: Trajectory of Projectile, Greatest Height Reached, Time of Flight, Range, and Projectile along Inclined Plane.
3. Binomial Expansion: Pascal Triangle Binomial Theorem of Negative, Positive and Fractional Power
4. Mechanics: Vectors in Two and Three Dimension. Scalar Product of Vectors inThree Dimension.
5 Vector or Cross Product on Three Dimension.Application of Cross Product Cross Product of Two Vectors.
6 Review of the Half Term Work.
7. Integration: Indefinite Integrals Concept, Different Methods of Integration.e.g (Algebraic and Trigonometric Substitution by Parts and Partial Fractions.
8. Integration Continued: Definite Integral, Area Under Curve.
9. Integration Continued: Application of Integration to Kinematics Volumes of Solids at Revolution and Trapezium Rule.
10. Correlation and Regression: Concept, Scatter Diagram, Regression Line, Coefficient of Regression, Rank Correlation and Product Moment Correlation Coefficient.
11. Revision.

Further Mathematics Project 2 and 3.


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