Welcome great EduPodian, here is your Second Term SS3 Civic Education Scheme of Work and the excerpt of the Second Term SS3 Civic Education Lesson Note.

Scheme of Work:

1. Revision of SS3 first term scheme of work
2. Characteristics of categories of Human rights
Meaning and examples of Fundamental Human rights
Characteristics of Human Rights
e.g Universality, Inalienability of Human rights
Categories of Human Rights e.g Civic, Political, Economic and social Rights
How individual rights can be protected
When right of an individual can be deprived
3. Fighting Political Apathy
Meaning of political Apathy and Examples of Political Apathy
Causes of Political Apathy
Way of Fighting Political Apathy
4. Public service
Meaning of public corporation and examples – Agencies like Water Corporation, Airways services, Power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN)
Meaning of Civil Service, Characteristics of civil service e.g permanency, Bureaucracy, Neutrality, Impartiality etc
Importance of Public service
5. Short-coming in the public service
A. E.g Colonial Influence, corruption, Inconsistency of Government policies, tribalism and Nepotism, Government Interference, Lack of qualified personel
B. Ways of improving Public service in Nigeria
Achievements of Public service
6. How to Improve Public service in Nigeria
Structure of Public service
Functions of code of conduct Bureau
Public complaint commission
Discussing short coming of public service
7. Civil society
Meaning and examples of civil society
Qualities and problems of civil society

8. Project work
Visit to Public service
Browsing to locate public service and their works
9-12. Revision and Examination.

Human rights are inalienable privileges and freedom the citizen of every member states of the United Nations enjoy. They had standards that enable people to live dignified and decent life.
Its recognition enhanced societal and individual development.
Human right; dated back to 1948 in the Universal Declaration of Human right of the United Nations charter which came in to effect on 10th December, of every year is observed Universally as the Human right’s day.
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