Welcome great EduPodian, here is your Third Term JSS3 Civic Education Scheme of Work and the excerpt of the Third Term JSS3 Civic Education Lesson Note.

Scheme of Work:

1 review of last term’s work
2 Role of Citizen’s in constitutional development
Process of constitutional development
3 National Security
Meaning; The role of citizen in mainting national unity e.g. vigilance, patriotism, obedience etc.
4 National security agencies: Military, Para-Military Services (Civil Defence), Police, State Security Service (SSS), Immigration Service etc
5 Self Employment (1)
Meaning of self employment
Forms e.g. Fashion Designing, Carpentary, Decoration, Bead making etc
Need for self employment
6 Self Employment (2)
Sources of funding
Agencies promoting self employment
Skills acquisition centres i.e. Women Development Centres (WDC)
Government Technical Centres
7 Managing for Results
Definition of Management
Need for effective Management
Benefits for effective Management
8 General Revision
9 & 10 JSCE Examination

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