Welcome great EduPodian, here is your Third Term SS2 Biology Scheme of Work and the excerpt of the Third Term SS2 Biology Lesson Note.

Scheme of Work:

1. Excretion in Lower Organisms
2. Excretory System in Vertebrates and Plants
3. Male and Female Reproductive Structures
4. Sexual Reproduction
5. Reproduction in Plants
6. Pollination
7. Ecological Succession
8. Overcrowding and Food Shortage
9. Balance in Nature
10. Family Planning

• Modern Biology for Senior Secondary Schools by S.T. Ramalingam
• Essential Biology by M.C Michael
• New School Biology by H. Stone and Cozen
• SSCE Past Questions and Answers
• New System Biology by Lam and Kwan
• College Biology by IdodoUmeh
• UTME and Cambridge Past Questions and Answers
• Biology Practical Textbook

• Excretion
• Types of Excretory structures and Taste
• Excretory Structures in some Organisms

Excretion is the process by which metabolic waste products are removed from the body of all living things. Excretion is different from egestion which is the removal of solid waste (undigested food substances i.e.faeces) through the anus. Excretion is necessary for the following reasons:
 To avoid or prevent any harm that would be caused by any excretory product.
 Some excretory products are poisonous to the body and should be removed.
 To maintain water balance in the body (homeostasis).
 To avoid interference of waste products with normal metabolic activities in the body.


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