Welcome great EduPodian, here is your First Term JSS1 Civic Education Scheme of Work and the excerpt of the First Term JSS1 Civic Education Lesson Note.

Scheme of Work:

1& 2. National Values
3. Honesty
4. Dishonesty
5. Cooperation
6. Self-Reliance
7. Natural Talent
8. Common Crimes: Falsehood and Theft
9. Common Crimes: 419, Embezzlement
10. Common Crimes:Rape and Murder
11. Common Crimes: Fake Drugs, Drug Abuse
12. Revision/Examination

Fundamentals of Civic Education for Basic 7 (JSS 1) Sola Akinyemipgs 32-34

The word, values, has so many meanings depending on the context it is used. When used in relation to Civic Education, it is defined as the moral principles and standards which guide human actions. Such principles are highly appreciated by people in the society. This is so because they make society what it should be: peaceful and progressive. The acceptable societal values include honesty integrity, courage, loyalty etc.

There are different types of values. The basic human values are as follows:
1. Honesty – This is the ability to tell the truth.
2. Respect – This is treating everyone including you with dignity.
3. Self-control – This is being able to control your own action.
4. Equality- Thisis understanding that all people have equal rights.

1.What is a value?
2. Mention three types of values.

Values are often manifested in various ways for individual and societal growth and development. There must be value manifestation and clarification. It helps individuals to recognize their values and affirm them publicly… LESSON NOTE DOWNLOAD…. CLICK HERE to download the complete lesson note.

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