Welcome great EduPodian, here is your Second Term JSS1 Civic Education Scheme of Work and the excerpt of the Second Term JSS1 Civic Education Lesson Note.

Scheme of Work:

1 Revision of Last Term’s Work
2 Citizenship
– Meaning
– Types
Causesand Effects of Falsehood and Theft
3 Process of Becoming a Citizenof a Country
Causes and Effects of Murder and Rape
4&5 Rights and Duties of Citizens
Causes and Effects of Advanced Fee Fraud 419 and Embezzlement
6&7 DifferencebetweenRight and Duties Obligations
Causes and Effects of Cultism and Drug Abuse
Importance of Rights and Duties of Citizens
8 Types of Rights of a Citizen
9 Dealing in Fake Drugs
10 Consequences of Non-performance of Obligation
11 Revision
12 Examination

TOPIC: Citizenship
PERIOD: The Meaning and Types of Citizenship
Citizenship refers to the relationship which exists between an individual and the country he lives. A citizen is expected to obey the law of the land and perform certain duties to his country. On the other hand, the country is also expected to protect the life and property of the citizen. The country is to provide basic amenities such as road, electricity, and pipe- borne water for the citizens.

Types of Citizenship
A. Citizenship by Birth: The following are the ways Nigerian citizenship can be acquired by birth.
1. Everyone born in Nigeria before 1st October 1960.Such person is a Nigerian citizen if any of his parents or grandparents was born in Nigeria.
2. Everyone borninNigeria afterindependencei.e 1st October 1960 whose parents or grandparents are citizens of Nigeria… LESSON NOTE DOWNLOAD…. CLICK HERE to download the complete lesson note.

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