Complete JSS2 Mathematics Lesson Note

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These lesson notes cover the following topic for JSS2 Mathematics – First, Second and Third Term

First term

  1. Basic Operation of Integers
  2. Whole Numbers and Decimal Numbers, Multiples and Factors
  3. LCM & HCF and Perfect Squares
  4. Fractions as Ratios, Decimals and Percentages
  5. Household Arithmetic Relating to Profit, Interest, Discount and Commission
  6. Approximation of Numbers Rounding off to Decimal Places, Significant Figures
  7. Multiplication and Division of Directed and Non Directed Numbers
  8. Algebraic Expressions
  9. Algebraic Fractions (Addition and Subtraction)
  10. Simple Algebraic Equations
  11. Revision of First Term Lessons
  12. Examination

Second Term

  1. Revision of First Term Work.
  2. Simple Equations: Harder problems on Algebraic Fractions.
  3. Word Problems on algebraic Fractions. World problem leading to Simple Algebraic Fractions.
  4. Linear inequality in one variable. Graphical representations of solutions of linear inequalities in one variable.
  5. Graphs: plotting points on the Cartesian plane (the axis and plotting of points). Linear Equation in two variables – plotting the graph of Linear Equations in two variables
  6. More work on plotting and joining points to form plane shapes on Cartesian Planes.
  7. Graphs: Linear graphs from real life situations – plotting linear graphs from real life situation. Quantitative reasoning – solving quantitative aptitude problems.
  8. Plane Figures/shapes: Revision on properties of parallelogram rhombus and kite.
  9. Scale drawing – Drawing to scale to represent given distances. Solving problems on quantitative aptitude related to plane shapes/ figures
  10. Revision

Third Term

  1. (a) Revision of Second term’s examination (b) Re-presentation of real situation an graph and the reason(s).
  1. Angles and Polygon: (i) definition of angles (ii) Construction of move angles (iii) Definition of polygon with examples (iv) sum of interior angles of regular polygon: (n – 2) x 180o
  2. Angles of Elevation and Depression
  3. Bearing and Distances
  4. Statistics: Data Presentation
  5. Statistics (Continued)
  6. Review of first half term’s work and periodic test
  7. Probability
  8. Pythagoras’ Theorem
  9. Review of third term’s work and periodic test.
  10. Revision and Examination
  11. Examination


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