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Complete SS1 Physics Lesson Note

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These lesson notes cover the following topics for SS1 First, Second and Third Term Physics:


1 Introduction to Physics; Familiarization of Physics Laboratory
2 Measurement of Mass, Weight, Length and Time;
3. Motion in Nature, Force, Circular Motion, Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces
4. Frictions
5. Vector and Scalar Quantity, Distance/Displacement, Speed/Velocity, Acceleration, Distance/Displacement-Time Graph, Speed/Velocity-Time Graph, equations of uniformly acceleration
6. Calculations on velocity-time graph.
7. Density and Relative Density
8. Upthrust, Archimedes Principle, Law of floatation, Pressure
9. Work, Energy and power. Work Done in a Force Field, Types of Energy and Energy Conversion.
10. Viscosity
11. Revision

• New School Physics. By Prof. M.W Anyakoha
• New System Physics. By Dr. Charles Chow et.al


1. Heat Energy, Concept of Heat and Temperature, Effects of Heat and Uses
2. Thermometer and Its Type, Evaporation and Boiling
3. Expansion of Solid, Effect and Applications of Expansion
4. Expansivity and Its Application – Linear, Area and Volume. Anomalous Expansion of Water. Real and Apparent Expansivity
5. Heat Transfer – Conduction, Convection, Radiation and Their Applications
6. Electric Charges – Production, Types, Distribution and Storage
7. Gold Leaf Electroscope and its Uses. Lighting and Lighting Conductor
8. Fields – Concept and Types of Field. Gravitational and Magnetic Field, Force of Gravity
9. Electric Field – Line of Forces, Properties of Line of Force, Description and Properties of Force Field
10. Production of Continuous Electric Current

• New School Physics By M.W Anyakoha
• Senior Secondary School Physics By P.N Okeke


1 Electric Circuit (DC).
2 Resistors and Cells in Series and Parallel.
3 Electrical Energy and Power
4 Safety Device – Fuse
5 Atomic Structure, Diffusion and Osmosis
6 Crystal Structure of Matter – Amorphous and Crystalline Substances
7 Surface Tension
8 Capillarity
9 Elasticity
10 Energy Stored in an Elastic Material
11 Revision
12 Examination

• New School Physics By M.W Anyahkoha
• New System Physics By Dr. Charles Chow.

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