Third Term SS1 Civic Education Lesson Note


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This lesson note covers the following topics for SS1 Third Term Civic Education:

Revision of last term’s work

Definitions and types of political parties

Functions of political parties

  • The press
  • Activities of the press in ensuring democracy
  • Freedom of the press reasons for and how to ensure the freedom of the press
  • Importance of F.O.I.B. (freedom of Information bill)

      2    Human Rights

Universal Declaration Of Human Rights (UDHR)

The definition of Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Historical background of Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

Importance of Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

     4    Human Rights (cont’d)

  • the meaning of seven core freedoms of the UDHR
  • The importance of fundamental human rights
  • Responsibility of individual, groups and government in UDHR

      The roles of Individuals in promoting UDHR.

      The roles of groups in promoting UDHR.

The roles of government in UDHR e.g. establishment of agencies NAPTIP,                                              Legal Aids Council

  • Agencies responsible for protection of human rights

Establishment and formations of the agencies

The roles of agencies for protection of human rights

  • Project Work

Locating and visiting government agencies concerned with UDHR

Browsing through the internet to locate world agencies for the protection of human rights, child rights.

  • Cultism

Definition different cult groups and their symbols e.g black axe, buccaneer, eiye etc.

  • Origin of Cultism

Reasons for establishing and joining cults

  • Cultism (cont’d)

Consequences of cultism e.g. expulsion, violence, murder etc.

Preventive measures against cultism

Government effort in preventing cultism

  • Law and Order respect for constituted authority

Definition of authority and types

Meaning of constituted authority

Differences between authority and constituted authority   

  • Types of constituted authority

Importance of constituted authority to the people

  • Revision & Examination


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