Second Term JSS1 Basic Technology Lesson Note


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This lesson note covers the following topics for JSS1 Second Term Basic Technology:

1. Revision of Last Term’s Work
2. Board Practice: basic board practice: (1) setting drawing paper on the board. (ii) Sharpening pencil to conical point and knife edge. (iii) using the tee and set squares for drawing boarder lines and horizontal and vertical lines (iv) positioning and drawing the title block. (v).writing(freehand) legible letters and numerals
3. Freehand Sketching : basic freehand techniques of drawing lines, curves, circles, and irregular shapes
4. Scales and Scale Drawing: (a) reading graduation on the metric rule. (b) measuring and comparing given sizes
5. Scales And Scale Drawing(cont’d) :(c) scale drawing: (i) types of scale; full size, 1:1 (ii) reduction scale e.g. 1:5, 1:10, 1:20, 1:100, etc. (iii) enlarged scale, e.g. 2:1, 3:1, etc.
6. Woodwork Hand Tools; (a) Measuring tools; metric rule, inside calipers, outside calipers, pair of dividers, etc. (b) Setting and Marking out tools: try-square, sliding bevel, meter square, pair of compasses, trammels, etc.
7. Woodwork Tools (cont’d) (c) Driving tools; hammer; mallet and screw driver, etc. (d) Boring tools; wood brace’ ratchet brace and bradawl, etc.
8. Woodwork Tools (cont’d) (e) Holding devices; Bench hook, Bench vice, ‘G’ cramp, sash clamp, etc. (f) cutting and pairing tools; rip saw, cross cut saw, tenon saw, bow saw, dovetail saw, jack plane, smoothing plane, spoke shaves, chisels, etc.
9. Concept of Energy and Power; (a) Concept of Energy and power. (b) Definitions: (i) power (ii) energy (iii) units (c) relationship between energy and power
10. Revision
11. Examination.


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