Welcome great EduPodian, here is your Third Term SS1 Literature in English Scheme of Work and the excerpt of the Third Term SS1 Literature in English Lesson Note. To scroll through the lesson note, use the up and down arrows on the toolbar below. You can equally zoom the note to increase or decrease the display size to fit your preference. Happy Reading!

Scheme Updated


Do you want the complete Third Term SS1 Literature in English Lesson Note? You can get access to this lesson note as well as every other lesson notes on this website and that is all Secondary school lesson notes for all subjects from JSS1 – SS3, (first, second & third term), simply contact us on WhatsApp. Click Here to start chatting with us on WhatsApp now! 

PS: Note that the scheme of work and texts/novels for Literature in English is frequently changed/updated, so please check our Literature scheme above to be sure you are okay with it before contacting us for the lesson note on WhatsApp.



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