Complete JSS2 Social Studies Lesson Note

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These lesson notes cover the following topics for JSS2 First, Second and Third Term Social Studies:


1. Revision of JSS1 work
2. General objectives of social studies
3. Abuses to which children could be subjected
4. Drug abuse definition. Type
5. effects of drug abuse
6. Drug trafficking meaning of drug trafficking reasons types danger of drug trafficking
7. People and their environment group behaviour
8. Corruption: Definition types causes
9. Corruption II: effects on individual & community
10. Roles of different agencies of government charged with the prevention of corruption.
11. Revision of terms work 8 examination


1. Values
– Meaning of Values and their Importance
– Sources of Values
– Factors that Influence our Values
– Values Clarification
– Understanding one’s own Values
2. Culture and Social Values
– Religion: Meaning and Types
– Names we call God in Different Communities in Nigeria
– Benefits of Religion
– Similarities in The Lessons Our Religion Teaches Us.
3. Culture and Social Values II: Marriage I
– Meaning of Marriage
– Types of Marriage
– Purposes of Marriage
4. Marriage II
– The Conditions for Marriage
– Effects of Lack of Readiness on Marriage Relationship
– Challenges or Problems in Marriage
5. Family as the Basic Unit of Society:
– Advantages of Living Together in the Family
– Family Bond and Cohesion
– Importance of Good Family Reputation
6. Gender I
– Meaning of Gender
– Similarities and Differences Between Male and Female
– Meaning and Examples of Gender Roles
– Factors that Influence Gender Roles
7. Gender and Stereotypes II:
– Meaning and Examples of Gender Stereotypes
– Negative Effects of Gender Roles/Stereotypes
– Importance of Gender Equality.
8. Accidents in the School
– Definition of Accidents
– Causes of Accident in the school
– How to Prevent Accidents
– Steps to Take When Accidents Occur
9. Health Issues:
– Harmful Substances
– Meaning With Examples
– Ways of Preventing Intake of Harmful Substances
10. Revision
11. Examination

1. Solakat New Syllabus on Social Studies book 2 by A. OluwasolaOyewole.
2. Macmillan JSS Social Studies book 2 by M.A Orebanjo, I.O Osokoya


1. Science, Technology and Society I
– Meaning of Science and Technology
– Importance of Science and Technology
– Problems of Science and Technology
– Solutions to problems of Science and Technology
2. Science, Technology and the Society II
– Types of Traditional Science and Technology
– Some Traditional Science and Technologies Influenced by Modernization
3. Science, Technology and Society III
– Home Appliances
– Meaning of Home Appliances
– Uses
– Dangers of Wrong Use of Appliances
4. Science, Technology and Society IV
– Breakdown of Appliance
– Correct Ways of Using Electrical Appliances
5. Assertiveness I
– Meaning of Assertiveness
– Difference Between Assertiveness, Aggresiveness, Passiveness and Manipulation.
6. National Economy I
Savings and Ways of Saving
– Traditional Methods of Saving
– Modern Methods of Saving
– Reasons for Saving
7. National Economy II
– Keeping Money in the Bank
– Advantages of Keeping Money in the Bank
– Problems and Solutions to Saving Money in the Bank
8. National Economy III
– Means of Communication – Traditonal and Modern
– Roles of Communication in National Economy
9. Finding Help
– SituationsWhen People Need Help
– People Who Can Help
– Skills Necessary When Seeking Help
– Skills Necessary for Helping Others.
10. Revision
11. Examination

1. SolakatNew Syllabus on Social Studies for Junior Secondary Schools Books 2 by OluwasolaOyewole
2. Macmillan Social Studies Book 2 by M.A Oyebanjo, I.O Osokota, R. AcholomuAyodeleJegede, Ibrahim Bello.


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